Thursday, February 17, 2005

Great News

The great news of the day is that Chase-the college kid who plays bball with us-was baptized last night. He seems to have a great heart, and a girlfriend that cares about him. What else can you ask for while being in college.

I am still reading Soul Surviver by Phillip Yancey. I am interested on his takes on MLK, Jr. To my discredit, I typically pay attention to his moral shortcomings without taking into account the good he really did for this country. I am finding that Yancey writes with incredible clarity, while being very truthful and personable in his accounts. It makes me wonder what other authors can I still "discover".

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Arvin Hill said...

Don't feel bad. Dr. King is my favorite hero of the 20th Century, and even I don't give him enough credit.

Thanks for mentioning him in your blog.