Tuesday, January 25, 2005

7 layers of separation

As a salesman I always tried to find a connection between my client (or prospect), and myself. There is an interesting concept that goes something like this. Two people can find a common friend within 7 layers of separation. These 2 people might live in different states or timezones, but given enough time, you can usually make the connection. In the movie world, 7 layers from Kevin Bacon. Truth is, many times you only have to rattle off 1 or 2 people to make a connection.

Last night playing ball at the gym proved this true. A youth minister here in STL is good friends with someone back in CO who has been very instrumental in my spiritual growth for the past few years. Not very odd, considering most church-folk swim in the same streams. However Geri and I were on a boat in Venice, Italy, where we spied a guy sporting a "Boulder Gear" jacket. That isn't something you see every day, so we began to talk. It turned out he lives in Evergreen, and works with a mutual friend. I guess a lesson is to always be on your best behavior. A goal of mine is to be on my "best behavior" not only away from friends, but with friends.

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