Tuesday, January 18, 2005


In the words of Napoleon Dynamite..."Sweet"....

For the past several years, many people have participated in "Toddfest". This obsession evolved from eating out as a group in honor of a good friend. You know him as Todd Dennis. To others, he is simply "Wib" (short for Wilburn, if you care to know). We would celebrate with Food, T-shirts, and wisecracks about his advanced age.

This annual Fest ultimately began to be linked to an annual ski trip to Steamboat. In past years, attendance has faltered. The faithful attendees of the group through the lean years has primarily been Barry, Todd (the honored one), Ken Davis, and myself. In part due to marriages, children, losing touch with friends, and living in various timezones.

After jabbering with Barry today, it seems that the traditional celebration of Toddfest is well on its way to regain its former stature. Like Bing Crosby and his cohort in White Christmas, we soldiers are going to get the word out about the trip, to honor the Ol' General again....Sweet!

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