Monday, January 24, 2005

Famous Last Words

As an important figure in the last century, Winston Churchill knew how to rally his countrymen. His speeches and dynamic ways with words surely inspired fellow Englishmen in their time of trial from 1939-1945.

As a casual historian, Winnie never was at a loss of words and actions-whether smarting off to his mother as a child, going off to war as a young man, campaigning (both successfully and unsucessfully) as a politician, or representing Great Britain throughout WWII. By measures of the world, this man had it all. A full life, a best-selling author, a war hero (young and old), a full belly, a fat cigar and glass of brandy...he was the man to be celebrated. A man full of life.

I can't help but think that on the inside, he was far from fulfilled. As a Christian, I look back with amazement at what God has placed in my life, through no talent of my own. A great wife, wonderful friends and family, a nice home, a sweet 1995 Tahoe (hey, at least it has leather chairs and a CD player), my health, a child..actually being hand-delivered from Korea (now, that's service!).

My life is actually exciting. It's too bad that after a long life lived, all Winnie could muster was "I'm bored with it all". Surely there is a lesson in these final words.....

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