Friday, January 14, 2005

Squirrel Cuisine?

It has always been a dream to write a book, so I am using this as my training ground to help me along this journey. It might be painful, but please enjoy this for what it's worth. Hopefully it gets better over the days, weeks, months, etc...

Evidently a great gastronomic delicacy in the Cope family is Squirrel and Dumplings. My only memory of this, prior to this past week was trying it out once as a kid. I remember someone (probably Uncle Don) making a crack about watching out for the buckshot. This didn't sit with me very well, so I probably ended up eating only dumplings that night.

A few weeks ago it popped up on the menu in Neosho. Dad and UKen went out to "harvest" the squirrel. A few things of note. I'm glad he talked dad into not taking the shotgun. Once they shot the squirrel, the poor thing ran into a tree to die. That did not deter the Cope brothers. They promptly sawed it down to extract the victim. That is determination.

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