Friday, January 28, 2005

And The Winner Is......

Here is a Yahoo News article. It talks about Canadian, Marcel Tremblay. He wishes to die. He suffers from a lung condition that leaves him "unable to breathe properly". Tonight he will sit down for dinner with friends, invariably talk about his legal right to suicide, talk about his innability to breathe (It is a horrible thing-having seen my Grandpa go through Emphysema).

After the eating and political rhetoric about not being able to take a good breath, what's he to do? After all.."I can't think of a worse death than not being able to breathe". HE'S GOING TO STRAP A HELIUM FILLED BAG OVER HIS HEAD!

Makes sense doesn't it? He gets my vote for the 2005 Darwin Award.

--------------------Here Is The Story----------------------------------

Man who plans to commit suicide says he's promoting right to die
2 hours, 1 minute ago
OTTAWA (CP) - A retired businessman who plans to kill himself Friday evening, says he wants to publicize the right to die with dignity.

"I'm trying to get lots of publicity for the dying," Marcel Tremblay said as he entered a lawyer's office in downtown Ottawa. The 78-year-old, who suffers from an incurable lung condition, insisted in media interviews that he would stick to his plan to commit suicide.
He and family members called on lawyer Lawrence Greenspon on Friday morning.
Greenspon, a prominent local attorney, says suicide is legal in Canada, provided the person doesn't receive help from someone else. Assisting suicide carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison.
The lawyer said earlier he will ensure that Tremblay's family, who plan to be present when he dies, won't be charged in the death.
Ottawa police had no immediate comment.
Tremblay said he would hold a wake with 50 friends and relatives and enjoy a last meal before killing himself in his suburban home.
He planned to pull a helium-filled bag over his head and suffocate.
"I'll just go to sleep," he told the Kingston Whig-Standard. "Everything stops within five minutes.
Tremblay, a right-to-die advocate, has a number of health problems, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung condition that leaves him unable to breathe properly.
"It's supposed to kill me, but it's taking too damn long," he said. "I can't think of a worse death than not being able to breathe."
He said doctors hold out no hope, saying his condition will get worse and worse.
He began planning his death about three months ago when he decided he wasn't going to live in pain any longer.
Tremblay readily admits he hopes his death will have an impact because he feels strongly that people should have the right to decide when they die.
"I want to make as much noise about this as I can."

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