Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back from Hilton Head. It was nice to cozy up with a beach chair and umbrella, and just look at the water. The more time I spend around beaches, the more I love them.

Last night was the EJ awards banquet. Just being there got me pumped up for all the brokers. This is one event I miss since moving to the "home office". Geri's old region in CO had some very good families that we miss seeing at those meetings. During the banquet we had a slideshow of a broker currently in Iraq. He is from a true Ed Jones family-with several family members as IR's. Hardly a dry eye in the house after the slideshow. Whether you agree with this war or not, it is inspiring to see soldiers quietly doing their duty. It would benefit all to keep up prayers for those soldiers fighting over there-as well as the civilians. War takes a toll on so many people, whether in uniform or not.

On a bright note, the Crum's finally received their referral from China. She is a very cute little girl, who will have a great family from now on. I am still optimistic that Chris/Christine and Jason/Amanda will be hearing from China sooner than they think.

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