Monday, June 27, 2005


Today was a Psycho day. It's true that I have a temper, and boy did I get some practice out of it today. It seemed alot of little things with my latest projects have gone south. The opressive heat and lack of a good breakfast did not help with my attitude. The saving grace (besides lunch) was watching Adoption Story at lunchtime. Granted I didn't have much time, but it was about a family adopting in the Ukraine and Guatemala-2 years apart. My attitude shifted, and I thought..."hey man, buck it up-things are going pretty darn good". The temper ended, and I started looking at these "problems" as opportunities to think and evaluate the situation. Most of the time thinking isn't my strong suit, but hey-I"m working on it.

With the new found attitude adjustment, I resolved to go to Home Depot to buy a tool which would accomplish a task I desperately needed (as the missing piece to my installation). Tool worked, lines were set, lights were put in (but not functional yet). It ended great. My "Psycho" day isn't a bad connotation-after a good day of sweating and getting caked with mud, it all washes down the drain like the scene in Psycho. Mission accomplished. It's good to have bad attitudes and dirt head in the same direction (down the drain). Incidentally, the "blood" in the movie wasn't blood at all. It was Hershey's chocolate syrup.

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