Thursday, June 30, 2005


Having time to think about a few things in the hot sun this week, here are a few ramblin' thoughts that have crept in:

1. Why do some guys wear sunglasses propped just above their eyebrows? It just seems wierd-like some sort of Man-Tiara.

2. Is China headed for an eventual war with the US?

3. Do you have a forgiving heart for inconsiderate drivers? We'll I was one today. I honestly try to be a very good driver with respect to others in the traffic flow. In an effort to get across Manchester Road (the traffic stinks on this road), I hustled across the westbound lane to get over to the middle turning land. I did notice there was this lady in a Lexus SUV (50's trophy wife) that was facing me trying to make a left to get across the eastbound lane. She was probably waiting a deal longer that myself. Finally there was a break in the eastbound traffic. A more generous driver than myself would have deferred to her. I thought about it for 1 nanosecond, and gunned it. I almost felt guilty, so cut me some slack-or Grace if you want to be Biblical. I looked at her as I was performing the inconsiderate vehicular deed. She looked at me with her nicely couiffed blonde hair, and promptly stuck her tongue out at me. Lesson learned.

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