Sunday, June 12, 2005

Before Geri took off for a week to work in Martha's Vineyard and Houston, we spent the evening with some Edward Jones friends. Louie and Lori live at Lake St Louis. Now I have never liked lakes in general, but I could grow to like this little community. It is a closed-in community that doesn't allow the public to bring boats. Only the owners can have boats on the water.

To top off a nice night, we went for a sunset cruise and saw Nelly's house (rapper), some MLB umpire's house, and Eddie George's mothers house (running back). That is a lineup somewhat more "impressive" than our neighbors. The only neighbor of note is Ed and his dog, Sparky. Ed has a habit of wandering in people's yards and garages while trying to be discreet. We (as in the entire neighborhood) overlook his tendencies because he is older, harmless, is a nice guy, and makes a good neighborhood watchdog. Now if we can just stop him from going the bathroom in our yard. Just kidding.

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