Friday, June 17, 2005

Ramblin' Thoughts

Barry, if you are reading this. Happy Birthday!

Do you ever get tired of dealing with the gov't? I do-oh, let me count the ways. Between keeping up with personal and business taxes, I get tired of the hassle (although I am not too efficient with the paperwork necessary for my business). To top it off, I realized that the tags are expiring on Geri's Highlander. I went to the tag agency only to be told that I need to go to the Clayton city hall to get proof that we paid our personal property taxes. After that I need to get the car inspected. After this I need to have the emissions tested. After soaking in all these instructions from the casually-mannered, immensely tattoo'd counter help at the agency, I hop in my car to start on this quest. We'll I would have, but noticed that her car is running on fumes-yellow light on the gas gauge. No gas in the tank-which is the way I felt after hanging at the tag agency. So what does an honest taxpayer do after receiving his marching orders--he goes home to watch the US Open. Why do today, when you can put it off until tomorrow.

On the business front-the projects still keep coming. I met with 2 older ladies (retired physicians) who have lived and travelled together for 40 years. Quite a pair! I will be working at their home after we get back from Hilton Head. After that it's off to AA/UK's. That will be a fun project, given all their trees.

On the adoption front, we received a copy of the DNA report from Guatemala. More government "efficiency". The fact is that the mother went to the hospital to give birth to Ben. The next step is for the birth mother to come back to the hospital to take a DNA test to make sure this is indeed the child she gave birth to. Seems kinda strange not to put 2 and 2 together at the time of birth. The lab sent us a copy of the test results along with a Polaroid picture of the birth mom with Benjamin. The photo is required for the records in Guatemala. All I know is that she is young, single, and has sad eyes. I don't know if we will ever show the picture to Ben, but I thank God she had a heart of adoption instead of abortion. We can't wait to go down and bring him home. I catch myself looking at his pictures and wondering what he is doing-several times a day. It's a good feeling knowing I'm a dad. Speaking of paperwork, once we get Ben, we'll start the process over again for a few girls.

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Barry Rucker said...

Thanks for the birthday thoughts, Eric. Although...I'm approaching that time in my life where I'm not really celebrating at the thought of another year rolling around. We had a nice birthday dinner with friends for Jana out at a local German restaurant called Cafe Coconut Cove that overlooks that Banana River. It was a beautiful sunset and the food was great. Unfortunately, the black forest birthday cake had an excess of rum in the cherry sauce and the kids (Suzie and her kids were visiting this week) were freaking out over the 'alcoholic' birthday cake. My bad -- the other cake option was a Rum Cake. :). Anyway, it's been such a crazy month that for my birthday, Jana and I went out to the Chart House for a quiet dinner. Jamie is off at church camp and John is doing British soccer this week. Take care. Love you guys!