Monday, June 13, 2005


Admittedly I have been to some very good concerts. To name a few good ones would include, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, The Smithereens, Johnny Reno & The Sax Maniacs. Did I mention Jimmy Buffett? I managed to get his guitar pick a few years back. A stellar concert would have been Van Morrison at Red Rocks this past weekend. That would have been verrrry classic.

I remember going to see Van Halen (post David Lee Roth), and witnessing a big-time fight between 2 very drunk, stupid idiots wearing alot of black. I distinctly remember thinking "where do these concert people come from, and where do they work?" They just seemed like big, jobless ignoramouses with long stringy hair and body odor. After watching the Michael Jackson circus after the acquittal, I am thinking the very same thing-given all the people around his Neverland front gate.

What would cause a grown-up (probably with children) to come to the cause of someone so troubled as "The King Of Pop"? Is their life THAT troubled and lame? Is it celebrity? Is it possible fame from being caught on camera? I do not get it. Spend some time doing something positive! I remember walking around in Berlin this fall, looking at the window where Michael dangled his baby. That was a long way down. I can't even imagine dangling a cat from there (we'll maybe a mean cat with dander and sharp claws).

After a bit of thought, In some way or another I'm probably guilty of this as well. I'm not looking for fame or fortune, but like those goofy people hovering around Michael, I seem to fixate on things that really don't matter-just chaff. It's not as evident as hanging around Neverland Ranch with a big sign above my head, but still evident to those that matter to me. I guess I'll take the log out of my eye, and try to do a little better. Hey at least I don't have long, stringy hair and body odor.

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