Monday, July 04, 2005

Days Like This

Can you hear it. It is a big sigh....not of relief, but of relaxation. We have had members of 4 different families staying with us during the past week, for a total of 14 different people. Two groups were sad goodbyes, and two groups were happy reunions.

This weekend was outstanding if I do say. It started out on Friday when the Davis' and Landes' rolled into town. After making Geri's world-famous French Dip sandwiches in the evening, it was time for fun and games with waterballoons. It's hard to beat 5 kids and 6 grown up kids, with a tub full of water balloons. After our waterballoon Olympics, we adjourned into the den for Video Family Feud. Once again, 11 screaming adults and kids having a ball.

Saturday we all went to Forest Park on a picnic. The highlights began as we started throwing the frisbee and kicking the soccerball around, but our energies and attention quickly turned to the hungry ducks. We spent quite awhile feeding the ducks with bread, and watching them waddle to their next morsel. It was then that we quickly learned that Abby isn't just afraid of dogs. She is afraid of ducks! This is sad because these weren't your average ducks. These were puny ones.

After the picnic, we eventually found ourselves at Busch Stadium to watch the Cards. You couldn't have asked for a better evening to watch baseball (except they lost to the ROCKIES). You can tell that Mark has coached his kids to love the Cards. Brook (2 years old) was constantly chattering "go Cards", and "Charrrrge" when the organist started doing his thing. Sadly, Geri's favorite thing about the game was the Foot Long Italian Sausage. I have to admit it was good.

After church on Sunday, Mark, Darrel and I drove out to try and get tickets to the game. After dickering with the first scalper we saw, we ended up getting 3 tickets for $25. Not bad considering they were behind home plate. Excellent tickets, free parking, a game-winning RBI in the 9th inning! Can't beat that. Last night we hung out, ate, and watched some of Shallow Hal before collapsing into bed.

What an excellent weekend.

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