Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Campfires and Guitars

It's universal. We all like things we are good, and excell at. For as long as my memory serves, I have loved skiing. My second day on skis, I won a bronze NASTAR medal. I like skiing!

Did you ever want to be good at something that doesn't come naturally? That is my relationship with the guitar. As Geri packs to go on another biz trip, I am listening to Jimmy Buffett), and working on my transitions between 5 chords for a particular song.

Earlier this month, Bennny's Uncle picked up the same guitar, in this very room. After a looooong absence from guitars, Fred promptly whipped through all these particular chords (and then some). He sounded good. I think he excels at the guitar for 3 reasons. He is musically inclined, he is excellent at math-the string/note relationship is quite mathematical if you think about it, and he probably locked himself in his room as a headstrong kid (ask his parents), and practiced his adolescent frustrations away.

I don't ask for much, so eventually (after more practice and callouses) my dreams will hopefully come to fruition. What is my dream you ask? It is to be able to play simple 6 string music around the campfire. That's all. I have other dreams-but that is for another post another day.

That day when Benny's Uncle picked up the ax and started playing, was a "highlight" for me. I guess you could refer to these times as being Memory Moments. Here we were, 3 friends reunited, just hanging out, nowhere to go, nothing in particular that was pressing our schedules, our loved ones downstairs.... a "Campfire Moment".

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