Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A common misconception about Jimmy Buffett is that he only sings about frozen drinks and the island life. Tis not true. He is an accomplished author of novels, and yes..even childrens books. He has great lyrics about children (mostly inspired by his daughter). One of my favorites is Barefoot Children (In The Rain). His songs make me think of Benjamin, and all the kids that have a grasp on my heartstrings. One kid I am praying about is in Panama.

Now, we have a great preacher at McKnight. We like to tease him because he always looks so beat up. He continually slouches his shoulders, and occasionally looks like he has mentally been in the ring a few rounds. He has an amazing heart. Brian (that's his name) recently came back from mission work in Panama, and spoke about it on Sunday. It wasn't the typical post-mission trip rah, rah. He spoke directly to our hearts with a few pictures of the local kids. They have nothing, and when I say they have nothing....they literally have nothing but a smile and a pair of pants.

There was one boy who caught Brian's attention. At the age of five, he had something, yet on the other hand didn't have something. Let me explain. What he has is Leukemia. What he has is 2 months to live. What he has is a flimsy piece of foam to sleep on. It breaks your heart. What he didn't have was something we take for granted. His family lives in a one room shack, and beds are obviously scarce. At the age of 5, the only thing he wanted was a bed to die in.

Brian's message ended with a challenge to start going to Panama and help the people out both physically and spiritually. I'm going to do my best to go. As your day winds down, you might be thinking of your kids, nephews, neices...They do need your love and smiles, but importantly they need your prayers.

Don't forget to pray for the Barefoot Children in Panama. Whether they are In The Rain or not, they need your prayers at the very least. I'm glad they are In His Reign.

By the way, the boy got his wish, complete with Pokemon sheets.

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