Thursday, July 07, 2005

Here's a pic from last weekend.

I love to be in shape. I do not like the process to get into shape. Aside from my infrequent basketball games, and walking with Geri, I wanted to step up my fitness level. Yesterday I went to the gym to lift weights for the first time in months. Memberships to gyms like this are not an investment unless you make the effort. Let's see: $60/month at 1 visit in 5 months equals roughly $300/hr for my workout (newsflash. I only worked out 40 minutes). Needless to say, we will let our membership expire.

Not having an affinity for lifting weights-as those with eyes can attest, I signed up for pilates classes. The first one was today. I have always told Geri that the key to long-term strength is flexibility. Today confirmed that I am as flexible as a crowbar in a freezer. The jury is still out on pilates, but I'll be back on Saturday to endure more pain. There are 3 goals for my fitness. Strength, Flexibility, and Toning. If this doesn't work, there's always steroids....naah. I saw too much of that in college. I'm not into getting bigger at the expense of breaking out like a teenager, having body parts fall off, and flying into a 'roid rage. There's nothing wrong with having a strong, flexible, toned, scrawny bod.

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Anonymous said...

You look great in the pict! But I didn't like the picture of me. Isn't there a better one of both of us.