Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Golfers 1-0, Clemens 0-2

Sorry I haven't been posting. Too many things going on, and I haven't made this a priority. We had a great family spend the weekend with us, but I'll get to that in a sec. Saturday morning we picked up the Robinsons on the way up to the CFS charity golf tournament. It was a hot day, but that didn't stop us from having fun on the course. The round was capped with Geri hitting a 35 foot putt.

Little did we know at the time, but that very putt helped seal the deal for a 1st place victory for the Third Flight. Third Flight is golf scramble lingo somewhat like you would see at a beauty peagent. It is designed to not make you feel like a total loser. In this case, we were the Winner of the bottom third of the teams. We did walk away with a nice $30 gift certificate per person, along with various "schwag".

Aaron scored big with the longest putt designation. This in itself has a funny story. By this hole, both girls had decided not to play-but rather chat. Us guys happily putted "in abstentia" for our wives. Aaron had just seen me take 2 putts, and on his first attempt-he nailed it to "capture" the longest putt award. He owes me bigtime for charting the course of that ball. I need to watch it when playing golf with him. I had to "call him out" a few times. He has a habit of picking up balls (not necessarily his) and putting them in his pocket. Golfers beware.

Back to this weekend. We had the Stewart family from Denver aboard. Us guys lucked out, and got 4 tickets on the 16th row off 1st base. The price...get this...$50 for all 4. Of course it was in the 5th inning. This event drew a full circle to my Roger Clemens experience, as he was pitching on Sunday. I originally saw him throw HARD at the Metrodome in July, 1991-this is of course when he was with the stinking Red Socks. He lost both games.

I am excited to meet with the banker on Friday morning. I finally finished my business plan/cash flow projections...hence this post as a reward before RusselinUpSomeGrub. That is-getting lunch.

Other things in the works:
Painting Bennys room
Heading out to CO for a long weekend, to climb Mt Elbert (hopefully with Aaron)
Finishing a sizeable lighting job in Wildwood

Ciao for now.

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