Thursday, July 21, 2005

Eye of the beholder

Having been the past owner of the worlds best dog...Honey (rest in peace), as well as Bailey (rest in peace-no thanks to Banfield Vets in Littleton), I am convinced that pooches have their place in this world. At one point in my life I thought that maybe, just maybe, when the Bible talked about us entertaining angels, the writer was talking about clever and perceptive dogs. An interesting theory.

Here are some other dog-related thoughts from the corner of my mind:
1. The Crabb's had the most smiling dog...ever.
2. Abby and Carly are still scared of dogs...even little, tiny ones. This is fine, but I still don't get the whole Duck thing with Abby.
3. We will someday have a cool dog for Benny.
4. There is a dog in Neosho at AA and UK's who is a total spaz. This would be Cody. I think my dad is partly to blame because of his constant and funny pestering of this tiny Alpha-male runt. If push came to shove, I would take Cody in a NY minute.
5. As this picture clearly points out, all dogs aren't cute. If owners eventually evolve to look like their pets-it looks an awful lot like the old, smoking nurse in Shallow Hal.

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