Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Somebody please take the chips and Snickers Ice Cream bars out of the house. I am exercising, and trying to eat right. Where I go wrong is the late night munchies. Here I am, going to bed, and I feel like a pig. Once I get into bed, I'll be a pig in a blanket.

Geri and I had a good lesson for the kids tonight. We talked about Matthew 25. The parable of the Talents. I really need to revisit Matthew. I am married to a 5 talent girl, who knows and acts like she is fully using all talents. I'll write about my self-assesment at another time.

On a good note, we cleared another hurdle with the Guatemalan government today-Family Court. We now have one more court to go. The "PGN" step is a 2 part process that is the beginning of the end of the governmental red tape to get Benny.

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