Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Candle

Alright I guess Disney isn't all that bad. Geri and I first went there 5 or so years ago on an EDJ trip. We quickly toured the place in a day, and split to the Keys. Needless to say, we won't be going back to Key West. Too nutty. Case in point, the guy walking down the street in chaps (with a backflap). I'm finding out that the key to Disney is watching the kids eyes and excitement. Even though he knows diddly about any of the characters, Benny sure had a good time at the pool, and on the little rides. Even watching the fireworks. A personal highlight was to go back to Margaritaville and order a "Cheeseburger In Paradise". Have I mentioned loving Jimmy Buffett?

We had a few highlights on this trip. First, Benny got his first haircut. In keeping with my tradition, I really wanted "Bill the Barber" to do it. Benny was growing a ridiculous mullet because of our attempts to keep his hair "in check" with our few snips here and there. Something had to be done before we could get down to Neosho, so we stood in line for 1 1/2 hours to get his haircut. It was a pleasant experience. But what is a Disney trip without waiting in line for at least something.

The second highlight was the birthday Character Breakfast with Pooh, Eyeore (sp?), Tigger...and the birthday cake with suprises sent to our room compliments of Disney, and our housekeeper-Juanita. He first dabbled in the cake, not knowing what to think. At first he swiped a finger in the icing. It took a few minutes to actually get him to put it into his mouth (which is crazy considering everything else goes straight there-hence Rotovirus). Once he got the hang of it, and realized there were no restrictions-he went for it. It so happens that Disney "accessorized" the birthday platter with huge flecks of plastic glitter in the shape of Mickey, Palm Trees, etc. Those went straight into his mouth, and started to lodge in his throat. Nothing like a crying, panicking kid greased down with icing trying to breathe-that was just me! (choking phobia syndrome). Once we got our composure-all was well. I have been looking for Disney glitter in his diapers ever since.

We definitely have a well travelled baby. In 5 months, flights from Guatemala, OKC, Denver, Washington DC, and Orlando. This summer we will have plenty of others-including Nantucket.

All in all this was a great trip, but am glad to have both feet planted back home. Tomorrow is "Baby Dedication" day at McKnight. Benny will get a Bible (not his first thanks to JuJu and Carissa), and our families will be prayed for by the Elders. This is a great tradition there at McKnight.


Conni H. said...


So glad you guys are back, and I love Benny's haircut!

Ed. Tritschler said...

Bennie,I am sorry I missed dedication Sunday but I am in Branson finding all the neat places to show you in the future.