Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here are a few other pics from last week. Last night I jogged to our house to Geri's office, to pick up her car. On the way there I chatted with the other family we hosted the trip with. They have 2 great kids, John and Claire, who were out playing basketball in their backyard.

What was playing on the IPod as I was jogging? Glad you asked! Here's the eclectic laundry list:

Aretha Franklin
Maroon 5
Neil Young
Steve Winwood

My training has been somewhat negligent for this race:

...but a major hurdle was actually getting off my duff to start slappin' the concrete with my soles. My really, really major hurdle was to stop all snacking between meals. That's the toughie.

Tonite we had a good discussion in Men's Class about the Good Samaritan. Studying this parable has made me rethink who my "neighbor" really is. I am thankful for grace on this one.

Fred (Benny's Uncle to those not in the know)...just kidding about Winwood.

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Fred said...

I still cannot listen to Steve Winwood. Last weekend in Indianapolis w/ George, SW came on the radio, and our hands clashed as we were trying to change the radio station.