Monday, April 24, 2006

My 2 Cents

The term "Big Monday" came about when ESPN and Chris Farley teamed up to do some funny ads promoting NCAA basketball games on Monday nights. For me "Big Monday" isn't confined and constricted to basketball season. Every Monday, I get the great honor of staying home with Benny. As my business grows, I hope this spreads to Friday as well. Not many dads get to spend one, not to mention-TWO days/week home with their kids. Lord willing this will happen.

Every once in awhile I get frustrated at the political drivel I hear. Dems and Republicans alike. There would be 2 main planks I would run on, if I were to throw my hat in the ring. First, I'd find a quick way to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants already in the US. They are already here, and presumably (in my simple mind) their addition to the reported tax rolls would be an immediate boost to the legitimate economy. I would assume this would be an immediate relief on legitimate policework that could be taking place.

My second plank would be to open up Alaska for oil, as well as develop the Rocky Mountain oil shale work. Once again, I am a pea-brain when it comes to things of public policy-but isn't that status-quo? It's all good and grandiose to talk about developing other technologies to reduce our independence on oil and the Middle East, but we need to deal in the now! Can't we concurrently drill here in the US, build more refineries, and research long-term approaches to energy? I get tired of the US attitude that seems to say that our land should not be spoiled, so we'll just spoil someone elses land for oil. Attitudes like this probably build international resentment, and our suppliers' legitimacy to control the price we pay at the pump. Hey life isn't fair, is it. My guess is that US derived Oil = lower prices and a tremendous boon to our economy with high base of legitimate paying jobs. Perhaps even for those newly naturalized citizens.

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