Saturday, April 22, 2006

Passing the torch

Instead of going to baseball games, my father/son thing was camping. Of course there were the years of "Deer Camp", but I remember the "Annual Cope/Sharp camping trip. My buddy David and I conjured our dads into going to Elk river one year on an overnight. About all I remember was that this annual gig turned out only being a one time thing. As I grew older, we would head out to the CO mtns for a week of camping with the guys in the family. This is what I loved, and look back fondly on all those trips. I still enjoy camping there. One favorite spot is Twin Lakes, just below the upper lake-Forebay.

Camping is one tradition that will be carried down to Benny. We had our little camping excursion the other day in the backyard. It's not Twin Lakes, but is a start.

Today is another day I've been looking forward to ever since we knew about Benny. The Cards and Cubs are playing, and we have tickets. Gotta run! Games started......and Benny just woke up.....gotta run. This passes the torch from when me and Dad made it to the 7th game of the World Series in 1982.

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Ed. Tritschler said...

I too,was at the seventh game of the 1982 world series won by the Cardinals.More important I needed to comment on the wonders of camping.In about 1970 I heard Dr.Paul Faulkner speak at McKnight and he spoke about the joys of family camping.I grew up a city boy with no expierence in camping or surving in the outdoors. On the way home i told Nancy that I would like for our family to try camping.She was willing to give camping a try and with rented tent and a borrowed stove we camped at Sam Baker State Park in Mo. for four nights.From that point on we started buying camping equipment and for the next ten to twelve years we expierenced the joys of a family camping together. When our son Edward attended an engaged couples retreat at McKnight they were asked for a family motto of his family of origin. He stated our family motto was
we hope you have many great camping expierences.
St Louis Grandpa