Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wow, fun game! We arrived late, but managed to get a primo, freebie parking spot next to the stadium. Must be living right. We didn't even sit down before G decided to stop off and get some munchies. The nachos/jalepenos were excellent as usual. The Italian Sausage was better at the old stadium-not to mention bigger.

Today was C of C day at the stadium. Basically there were 150 seats set aside, with proceeds going to CFS and the local Christian school (I think). Many thanks to the Kelley's for giving us their tix. After G and I scarfed down our food, I procured some Dip N Dots. Like father, like son. Benny's lips are coated with Cookies and Cream. This little sugar fix actually violates one of the things we said wouldn't happen when we have kids. We find ourselves eating our words alot these days.

Here are a few other snapshots of the outing. One pic shows Pujols getting ready to hit the gamebreaker with bases loaded. He is always coming through in a clutch. Gary and Mary Lee Loopers' (from OKC) nephew retired the 6 batters he faced today, as well. The ballpark was buzzing with excitement all afternoon. Also shown is Ed (Benny's St Louis Grandpa. If we were in the AL, he would be the Designated Grandpa). Hopefully PaPa will get up here one of these days to take him to a game. As usual, Ed was into the game filling out his scorecard. He is a top-shelf Cards fan.

All in all, today was a milestone for me as a Dad.


Conni H. said...

You plagarized my blog! I am glad that your family loved the game. We enjoyed it too. I love the pics.... thanks for sharing.

bradfordlstevens said...

Some of my favorite memories are of my dad taking me to Cardinal games at the old Sportsmen's Park. You are getting Benny off to a good start! Of course, for those parents who raise their children to be Cubs fans, we believe that to be a form of child abuse! Go Cards!!

EBC said...

The Bassham's come to mind on this heinous form of abuse