Saturday, April 08, 2006

Someone asked me the other day if I would ever want to travel to Mars. My answer: No. I do love to explore, but prefer to keep it within the Big Blue Marble.

Here are 5 places I would like to visit:
5. Northeast US on a major roadtrip.
4. Eindhoven and surroundings for a Battle of the Bulge tour.
3. Amalfi Coast.
2. All over the Carribean in Jimmy Buffett's sea plane. (seen here in the Orlando Margaritaville).
1. To Hot Springs to see Benny and Carissa play.

How about you?


Ed. Tritschler said...

Here is an idea for your northeast sojourn. In 1997 we flew from St Louis to Baltimore and rented a car. We spent the afternoon sight seeing in Phliadelphia ,the Liberty Bell, the building they met in for Declarstion of Independence,signing of Consitution, and ended at the Ben Franklin post office. That evening we had a great meal at the original Bookbinders. The next day we drve to Portland Maine [500 miles] then boarded a ship with our rental car and sailed to Nova scota. For three days we traveled thru Nova Scota and found Peggys Cove to be awesome. Then another ship with car to St Johns Canada.We then headed south down the coast and took seven days to arrive back in Baltimore. Truly one of our top ten trips.

EBC said...

Great Idea. Geri has wanted to go there because of Anne of Green Gables. (movie)