Monday, April 17, 2006

We are back after going to western OK for a funeral. Jim Rucker officiated the ceremony. Now that is one guy I love hearing. He is a worker for the Kingdom-not to mention the father of Bennys namesake. Under the circumstances it was really good to see family on G's side, as well as my sister in Mustang (Auntie La-La) and her family. Building up to Easter, I was originally looking forward to special services at McKnight Road. It's funny that my Easter experiences typically had been an emphasis on wearing the right clothes, and rounding up folks for a dinner. Now I'm finding myself wanting more out of this "season". I try and commemorate His Death and Resurrection every Sunday, but what a great time to use this month to share His message. I figure if folks are thinking about "Easter", why not probe and evangelize with that opportunity. Same for Christmas.

We continue to love each day with Benny. He is growing into a little boy before our eyes, and it is unsettling. Where is this baby we picked up in October? Today-as every Monday-is my day with Benny. We spent it playing at the park, and just hanging out. When we went to the office for a few minutes, I started to get stressed out. I finally had to stop it, and realize that tomorrow will pose it's own challenges-but will not rob my today.

I want to thank Uncle Darrel and Aunt Wessie for amending their schedules yesterday. I apologize for the non-planning aspect. I also want to thank La-La and Drew (and girls) for having us over for a few hours. It meant alot.

Here are a few pics from the weekend. Unfortunately I didn't snap any at L&A's house. Doesn't this picture of G look like Benny. It's funny that people hardly assume Benny is adopted-I understand why.

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