Thursday, August 18, 2005

As I print off mailers for my marketing campaign, I wanted to post a pic of the crib (notice the new ceiling fan!). These days our motto is "No news is good news". Guatemala has up to 30 days to review all our paperwork, in this final stage. If they find some glitch-we will be notified-and the process will be dragged out another month or so. Two weeks into this stage, no news. Yippee.

In our home we have numerous pics of relatives and friends in AR, CO, GA, MO, OK... We have pics of one particular neice who is growing up, and hitting a significant milestone. Today is the day Nichole goes off to college. I am very excited for her. In a way I hope she finishes out at OC. Given her interests, it would serve her well to sign up for the Vienna Studies Program. I would even try to help make this happen provided this is something she would want to do. This very experience certainly impacted G in a positive way. Her Vienna experience was at a time when many Europeans were breathing freedom for the first time-and The Wall was finally being hacked up for souvenirs. We will be celebrating her 15th Vienna Studies Reunion in Edmond in November. This is certainly an experience that stays with you a lifetime.

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