Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When I was a younger man in my early 20's, I used to make "Best Of" lists. Just the fact that I had time to make and think about these lists might give you an insight to the sheer boredom I experienced while watching the world unfold around me as a drive-through teller at The Bank. I'll get to the lists later. The location was in Oklahoma City at 63rd & MacArthur, but my mind was always somewhere else.

Despite it's "entry level" position, I had a great time. At the time I was the only guy employed at the branch. This was an automatic plus. Being single and not having a steady girlfriend made me an outstanding commodity with the women folk. My favorite customer even tried to hook me up with her granddaughter. I passed. We even had a 75-80 year old "regular" who claimed to be part of Hollywood's glorious good old days. I think I believed him because he actually painted on a litle black moustache. He was probably part of the good ol' days in the closet in Hollywood, though. Ahhhh, the good days at $950/month PLUS Saturday pay (that is a different post entirely).

I was very sad to leave my "girlfriends' behind on my last day at The Bank. There was Donna (the smoker), Kim (the divorcee), The Manager (the drinker), and a few others. I cannot recall their names, though. Those ladies were so nice, they even sent in a "character actress" to commemorate my leaving. Before you get on your moral high-horse, she didn't take all her clothes off. I was however dumb enough to believe her pre-strip story. The "cop" had to ask me a few questions about my car. It seems that it was involved in an altercation the night before. I didn't check her badge, because, well, her badge was somewhat distracting.

Please realize that Yours Truly is not the brightest bulb in the socket. I still didn't catch on. As I remember, two thoughts ran through my mind:
1. Hmmm, I DID loan my car to someone the night before. What the heck did he do?
2. Man, she is a cute cop. I wonder why she's a cop?

Needless to say, good prank. Being a guy has it's priviledges.

As I was saying. I used to sit at the drive-through just daydreaming. Yes, I made real lists on the back of blank deposit slips. These lists usually included best places to camp (typically in CO), Best drives to listen to Eric Clapton (the winner was I-25 from Denver to Co Springs-at dusk), Best places to ski (again, in CO). Do you notice a theme??? OK, I was somewhat obsessed with this particualar state. Best Songs (Springsteen and NON Springsteen categories). Best Campfire Songs.

Today If I were to make a list of "Best Days With Friends", I would have to put one particular night in the top 5. This was in June, 1999. A group of us from Golden CofC went to Grand Mesa, CO (here we go again with the CO thing). Yes there were mosquito's the size of bats, but this was truly a great weekend. We did the usual hiking, paddling around the lake, swatting mosquito's, getting to know each other...but the culmination of the weekend was at "Lands End" where we watched the blazing sun sinking over the eastern plains of Utah. This dramatic scene was breathtaking, and we couldn't help but break into songs of praise. Jenna captured this moment perfectly when she made each family a picture frame with these 2 pictures, and the words to How Great Thou Art inscribed between the pictures. This was good praise. We didn't worry about the others milling around, and we weren't concernd about how we were dressed. I doubt there would have been discussions if someone there chose to clap or raise their hands in praise. No matter what the song. God was simply being praised, and we were doing what we were created for-praising the Creator.

Other "Top 5" days with guy friends (from the top of my head):
1. Camping out in the mountains with Barry, Mark, John, Paul...Big rains that let up in time to cook dinner, play poker via campfire, and light up stogies.
2. Camping at 11,500' with Lars. Unsucessful 14'er attempt due to lightning.
3. July in my office with Bennys Uncle and Mark. Just talking, knowing the girls we love were downstairs, and the world was somehow right
4. Spending quality apres-ski hottub time with Wib (and Jimmer). Listening to WIb complain about his knees.
5. Laughing in the tent with Aaron.
6. Sitting at the moonlit, Mexican beach with Eric and Chris, just talking about life.
7. Learning to open up on life, to Landon, Mark, John, Brice, and Anthony.

I hope you find lots of lists in your life...............

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