Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today was a long one. I woke up early and drove 7 hours for a 2 hour meeting. After the final handshake, I turned right around and drove another 7 hours home. On long drives like this-especially alone-I try and connect with God either in songs or listening to religious programs. I had a hard time focusing, and sat for most of the trip with my finger on the scan button. The main thought running through my head was how in the world did gas jump $0.30 in a day. The $2 barrier took a bit getting used to, but the gloves are off, and I am seeing gas hit $3 by years end.

Not too long ago I read a funny story about a group of waiters in a NYC restaurant. At the end of a shift, they made milkshakes for everyone. All the milkshakes were simple vanilla, with the exception of one. This one was a beautiful Oreo crumble with whipped cream. The waitress (who wasn't very well liked for good reason) automatically claimed the Oreo. After licking a bit of whipped cream on top, she exclaimed "Mine !" and retreated into the other room to gobble it up. This is where she learned a valuable lesson. Whipped cream always tastes good, but Parmesan Peppercorn dressing looks just like an Oreo shake. Lately I have been feeling just like that Oreo shake. Ever feel that way?

By the way, the Guatemalan gov't rejected something in our paperwork. Our clock was reset on Aug 19th.

I'll end with a few observations:

Why don't we have more refineries here in the US? Special interest groups have waaaay too much power, and often supercede practical needs for the country.

Is it me, or has there been a calculated move over these past few months to slowly leak/integrate soundbytes to the media of "events" that will lead to impending gas price increases? (my personal Venezulan/OPEC conspiracy theory to condition us as to their intentions of raising oil prices).

I am taking a hiatus from reading other blogs.

I am tired of all the political rhetoric on TV and Radio. I am taking a hiatus from listening to it. These don't fill my soul with good.

Pat Robertson, Al Sharpton, or J. Jackson do not speak for me as a Christian. As a matter of fact, I am sick, sick, sick of everyone equating one political party over another as the "Christian" party. I also don't agree with theological views of Bill O'Reilly. He is Catholic, but believes the Bible is a collection of stories and parables. Not exactly true events that happened. He also thinks that Christ's expectations for us are unrealistic (with regards to issues like sex).

Even though everyone that calls into Hannity's show is referred to as a "Good American", I have my doubts as to whether some of the callers are actually good neighbors.

Feel free to comment on any of these. Am I on the wrong track?

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Nichole Langham said...

Sorry about the government there in Guatamala! Hope things are well! Hope to see you soon! How are the gas prices? Hi to Geri for me!