Friday, August 19, 2005

This has to be the largest building I have ever seen. When we saw it for the first time-it boggled my mind and senses. It's the Duomo, located in Milan. Don't get me wrong, I love big old cathedrals in Europe, but they always make me think of the old saying "Don't fence me in". Huge cathedrals are certainly architectural marvels to behold, but why were they really built? Are they mans testament to himself and what he can accomplish? Mans testament and offering to God?

I would suspect cathedrals such as this were built from forced labor, and financed with money of suspect origin. The finished result (to me) rests in a conventional thought that these buildings were meant to "house" God. It sure makes religion very convenient. Walk in a church building....there's God. Be good, and be quiet-stop unwrapping your candy so loud. He's watching and listening you know! Walk out of the cathedral (or church bldg) are free to resume your life. God will be waiting until next time. After all, we built this building to fence Him in.

Truth be told. I have felt small and in the presence of God when we have visited The Duomo, The Vatican, St Pauls, and all the other "hallmark" cathedrals. There is a wonderful feeling of personal insignificance when you stop and pray with a 200' dome over your head.

Fortunately we can't fence God in, and it doesn't take breathtaking stonework, or brick and mortar to feel that God is near. I'll take God's handiwork of the open sky with a beach or mountain any day. I'm glad He is everywhere-especially in a small house in Guatemala. Ultimately I know it is me that has to work at not fencing God in.

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Anonymous said...

The cathedral in Koln, Germany, although not as large, made me feel the same way when I visited it many years ago.

Does it not show us that through time there really is nothing that is new under the sun. Look at Jonah. The thought of the day was that the "god's" had there little domains in small areas. Therefore by Jonah leaving and going a different direction in which God had asked him to go, perhaps he felt God wouldn't know where he was at. The story shows us just how wrong the thought of the day was. Thankfully.

To me it is really comforting to know that He is with me where ever I am or my family. Especially the one we love so much that is venturing her first days at NOC, to the "princess" in Hot Springs and their little cousin in Guatemala. It's comforting to know God is watching over them.