Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Today we finally made it to the PGN stage of the adoption process. The Guatemalan gov't has 30 days in which to kick out our application. For whatever crazy reason, it is expected to be "kicked back" at least once. Each rejection pushes back the entire ordeal 20-30 days. It's hard to believe we are stepping closer and closer to getting Benny. Just to think of the things we need to do between now and then almost seems overwhelming. We'll just keep plugging along. The bedroom isn't finished, and the bathroom is in a shambles. I guess things could be worse.

On to other things. We played b-ball last night, and it's a good thing I brought my key. Everybody was waiting in the parking lot, since the "usuals" weren't there to open up.

As the 2nd oldest player, I was again left to guard the oldest-Harvey. Harvey is 62 years old, and a workhorse. He frustrates me on the court because of his defense. That guy can block out the basket with some power (like George). Harvey was getting the best of me, so I went back to my all-time favorite tactic. That would be to run around like crazy to wear him down. I think it worked, and I was even able to get a few clean-up shots in the process. That goes to show you that hustle can take the place of skill.

The running around tactic does have it's price when going "in the paint" with some speed. While it is true that I came with the key, I left with a shiner on my left eye, and a sore neck from getting "an adjustment" from a big ballplaying Hoss from Texas. Incidentally he went to high school with Mark Clayton (former OU standout), but nonetheless detested my OU shirt. I guess he thought that it was a big red bullseye.

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