Monday, August 22, 2005

Blue Like Jazz

After a brief absence to the Lake Of The Ozarks, it's back to the real world. I wasn't back an hour when my cell rings for me to come out to a jobsite. It seems there was an irrigation problem, and I had to re-cement down a pathway light.

We had a great time at the Lake. G and I got to know some great kids (college graduates), and good couples-one guy, Mike is an F-15 pilot. Pretty cool job if you ask me. It was also an opportunity to plop my lazy butt on the dock and couch to finish one of the most thought-provoking, and best books I have read. This book is called "Blue Like Jazz", and is written by Donald Miller. He raises up some great thoughts on being a Christian. I think he characterizes this book as Nonreligious Thoughts On Christian Spirituality. Like so many things/events unfolding around me these days, I am challenged to actually think about the why's and what's of my life and relationship with God, friends, and family. These days I feel like I am softening up quite a bit. Not to the extent of comprimising my beliefs, but trying to look at the other side to the story.

Onto other thoughts:
1. No news is still good news (Guatemala).
2. Geri managed to get a few cute outfits for Benny at the outlet mall by the lake.
3. I'm still working on making my other business a reality.
4. I am skipping Bball tonight, in order to work on the upstairs bathroom.
5. I have started another book by Miller: "Searching For God Knows What".
6. My shoulders are still sore from "tubing" behind the boat this weekend.

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