Monday, August 29, 2005

Tin Reasons Why Live Coverage Is Sketchy At Best

Before I start the day, I pray that the folks down in LA/MS will be safe. I wonder if other countries have disaster units they actually dispatch to the US in our times of need. Or do they think it is our responsibility to automatically help ourselves and everyone else out. This isn't a snide commentary on other countries, just a question.

Anyways, it seems most people are trying to seek safety (even if it is The Superdome, with a big super big roof)-we'll except the meteorologists. I finally quit watching the Breaking Live Coverage on one of the national stations. Here is basically how the conversation went prior to my turning off this riveting news.

News Guy: "Mr Weatherman"

Weatherman: "Yes, Mr News Guy"

News Guy: "It seems pretty windy out there. What have you clocked the windspeed at?"

Weatherman: ".........." (he didn't hear him because of the wind)

Weatherman: "Mr News Guy, sorry... but I keep looking over my left shoulder. I keep thinking I see debris is coming my way".

News Guy: "We'll check back in a few minutes....back to the desk for todays news"

---------a few minutes pass------------------------

News Guy: "Mr Weatherman"

Weatherman: "Yes"

News Guy: "Mr Weatherman, we have footage of some corrugated tin racing down the road behind you"

Weatherman: ".....Yeah...."

News Guy: "Can you tell us how you felt as that was skimming down the road behind you ?"

At this point the story became the piece of tin. Sort of like when the debris hit Geraldo Rivera a few months ago in Florida. Time to turn off this Breaking News. Call me crazy. Flying tin and a bent a stop sign in the background don't seem that newsworthy. I think I'll stick to the Weatherchannel from now on.


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