Saturday, August 27, 2005

Monday we will hit day 20 of up to 30 business days for the final Guatemalan court. During this time our paperwork can be kicked out-rejected-delayed-for any small reason. Each delay would result in another month he is in Guatemala. This is also the final stage Bennys birth mother can use to keep him under her custody. Despite this fact, I have been optimistic there will be no delays, and he will be placed in our arms shortly. I think this has weighed on G's heart lately. Mine too.

I can't wait to establish family routines with him. I guess like D&L have with the girls in going to Ted's almost every week for Mexican food. Of course it makes me nervous thinking of the routines Benny will be subjected to with his Mom. "OK Benny, lets get our nails done..." "OK Benny, lets get a facial..." "OK Benny, lets go over the ERISA rules for Owner Defined Benefit Plans...while Mommy is getting her pedicure". I jest. She will be an excellent Mom. I think I would like to climb a mtn with him every year, and get him hooked on Jimmy Buffett tunes.

There are alot of people I would have wanted Benny to meet. People that have been a blessing to G and I. First would be Grandma for many obvious reasons if you ever knew her. I still have a hard time listening to her tell her life story on tape to AA. Then there is Edith from OKC and Edie from Golden, CO. Both ladies had a sweet disposition, and a strong heart for prayer. As a matter of fact Edie hosted a shower for my sister when she was born in CO. That was a big connection when we first moved to Denver. Then there is Aunt Inez. If there was ever a drug that made you laugh, she was a strung-out junkie.

We'll, gotta run for now.

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