Friday, August 12, 2005

Ramblin' Thoughts

Finished a job at a Catholic school west of town. It looks pretty good if you ask me. One thing I do not lack is confidence in my "finished product".

Here some Ramblin' Thoughts:

1. Yesterday I ate lunch right next to an older guy named Dorrel. He seemed like a nice guy. He was dressed in a Polo shirt, and seersucker pants, and had a pretty older lady as his company. You could compare him to a Q-Tip--sporting white hair on one end, and white sneakers at the other. Our waitress told me that she told the gentleman that he looked like someone famous. He promptly said that she was right on the mark. He even showed her some jewelry on his finger to prove it. By the way, Dorrel usually goes by a nickname. Can you believe it-I sat next to Dorrel "Whitey" Herzog, and my 18 year-old "employee" had no clue to who he was.

2. I bought a new book, Blue Like Jazz. So far it is a good read. The author is bringing up some interesting thoughts about his initial perceptions of God.

3. We finally finished painting the nursery. It looks professionally done-6 multicolored stripes above the chairrail, with dark blue below the chairrail.

4. I detest Mango. Nasty flavor, nasty texture. G sure liked it on the grilled shrimp last night. There's nothing like summertime grillin'.

5. Rafael Palmiero needs to come clean with the public/media. We have seen redemption time and time again (ie: Jason Giambi), but it all starts with something more than a really lame comment.

6. I want to see "The Great Raid". Which leads me to another thought. To my knowledge none of my family has been to the Phillipines to see Uncle Jiggs' grave at the American Cemetary in Manila. This is totally understandable given the huge distance from Here to There. I would like to visit there to pay my respects. He was my Dad's uncle that was KIA in the Philippines. I obtained some interesting records/letters about him thanks to AA & UK.

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