Thursday, September 15, 2005

Born To (re)Run

Here's a great email from Benny's Audiophile Uncle. Times change, but they somehow seem the same.

I don't have the bootleg of that show, but I have many others. Yesterday I built a playlist in iTunes that matched the set list. I've been listening to it today too. Very cool. Just like the old days when I would make tapes for special occasions. Funny how times have changed. In other ways, they have not. Recently, I brought home a boxload of 8 tracks from my parents attic. Yes, there were some "dude sins" in that box (Bread, Linda Ronstadt, Abba). Upon reflection, here's is what has transpired over the past 30 years.
30 years ago - I was buying 45s
25 years ago - Recording 8-tracks from albums
20 years ago - Recording cassette tapes from albums
19 years ago - Buying CDs (first 2 I bought were Born to Run and Born in the USA), making tapes from CDs
10 years ago - recording CDs
3-4 years ago - purchased first iPod. Making playlists on iPod
Today: making playlists/CDs identical to the tapes I made in college

Anybody up for a Bruce cruise tonight?

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