Thursday, September 22, 2005

Heavenly Armor

Kids, how many people are talking? (no answer) How many are supposed to be talking? "One" (in unison). How come I always hear way more than one?. Don't you remember what we have been talking about in this class? "Yes" (in unison). Well, what have we been talking about? ---Blank Stares.......a hand raises........"Respecting other people". Yes! Lets try and put that to good use.

Our talk turns to protecting ourselves from the Devil's schemes. We talk about soldiers before reading the Bible. All of the sudden a squirrely hand pops up...

"Mr Eric, do you know what else has armor?"

Why don't you tell the class!

"The Titanic has Armor" "Do you want me to draw a picture of the Titanic?"

The class then breaks out..everyone is fixated on the Titanic. It was unsinkable you know! There's an exhibit coming you know! Can I still draw the Titanic, he asks. Did you know that boulders sunk the Titanic? (from the smallest kid).

And so this is how the conversation went as I was teaching the kids class last night. We were talking about honoring your father and mother, then moved on to putting the Armor Of God.

Hopefully something sticks. They are good kids. At least I'm clued in on the latest "boulder theory" for sinking large vessels.

We ended class with a series of Bible Hangman games. The girls were outnumbered 2 to 4. Of course they won. I don't know many Bible words with "X" and all the other obscure letters the boys consistently blurt out. Was I this squirrely?

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