Monday, September 19, 2005

I have always heard that great quarterbacks have an ability to mentally view and perceive the unfolding play in slow motion. It is as if they have special goggles on. The world slows down, the big linebackers are slowed down, and their neurons are firing for quick decisions.

In a personal sense, this is what I am hoping will happen this week. We are on the final countdown to pick up Benny, and still have lots of paperwork, packing, and various things we need to do. This week I also sign on the dotted line to purchase a business. This in itself is exciting, but somewhat stressful as well. There are various gov't agencies, bankers, business people, car dealers, phone companies, office equipment salesmen, hombuilders, and others that demand my attention. Life seems to be going at 120mph, and will not slow down for quite awhile. I'm am really looking forward to this chapter of our lives. If you happen to find an extra pair of goggles let me know.

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