Thursday, September 15, 2005

The overhanging, wet weather seems to match my mood this morning. Fortunately I usually manage to think clearer when it's raining and cloudy. Both of us have a packed and perhaps stressful day, but not too stressful to notice the initial bursts of fall. Just outside my office window, the street is lined with huge trees with an abundance of leaves and gumballs. Today the leaves are starting to turn yellow/gold. I started the day a few minutes ago trying to figure out the things I need to get done. It stresses me just a tad, but if God has the power to paint individual leaves with beauty, he will surely take care of us.

My how time marches on. Twenty years ago last night a group of us drove down to the Cotton Bowl to see Bruce Springsteen. I remember it like yesterday. This was definitely a "bookmark" in my experiences.

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