Sunday, September 11, 2005

In an effort to not clutter this blog with what Geri calls, "Weasel Words", I am thinking of topics and ideas to write about that are bouncing in my brain.

Today is 9-11 plus 4 years. Do you remember what was happening on this date in 2001? I remember being in Highlands Ranch. We were having Brent/Amy and their kids staying with us. If I remember correctly, Brent was going to some medical lectures being held downtown Denver. I remember waking up and turning on CNN, while putting on my "armor". That would be my suit and tie. I had an appointment in one of the tallest buildings in Denver. At the time I left the house, I assumed the problems in NYC were just that...problems...mistakes. By the time for my first appt with a broker, he looked at me funny. Greg had been watching the tube, and I had been listening to voicemail on the way to his office. Oblivious to what was happening. Needless to say, that was the last appt for the next few days. I was saddened to hear that the pilot on Flight 93 lived in Ken Caryl.

Looking back I am both optimistic and fearful for Benny. Every day I see so much love in the world, but every day we are reminded that this world isn't all it's cracked up to be. In my life I have felt the bomb blast in OKC. I have lived in the Columbine neighborhood in Littleton, I have lived in a town that had their Post Office shot up, with several fatalities. In my life I have seen children die. In my life I have seen God work miracles. I choose to look at the brighter side. For unwanted pregnancies, I see a chance for another family to be completed through adoption. For children dying, I see grieving parents that understand a clarity of life. Maybe not answers, but a clarity that brings God closer to their walk and testimony.

Yes, I have alot of things floating in my head. Hopefully I can sort them out for a story now and then. However, I will take suggestions. Here are some possible options-weigh in if you want to:

College stories

Adventures with Todd

Interesting work stories

World traveller stories

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