Friday, September 23, 2005

Reality bites

Do you like reality TV? I have always denied any interest. We'll today I am coming out of the closet. I like the Apprentice and a few others. Now keep in mind that I didn't like The Donald's show last season. There was just too much cussing and beeping out words. If pretty is as pretty does, those candidates were...we'll they weren't pretty.

Last night G and I watched The Apprentice, where G kept commenting on the snide "Melissa". As the program wore on, this candidate was not a team player, she was not positive, she was not humble.

Sampling of our conversations throughout the Apprentice:

Her: "Don't you remember that girl at the regional meeting who wore the white blouse?"
Me: "No"
Her: "I bet that's her" "I guarantee that's her".
Me: "Since there is a commercial can I turn it to 118?" (The Military Channel)
Her: "I'm calling Geoff"
Me: "Go ahead then..."

Now, Me, I can't remember where I parked the car at the mall. How can I remember a lowcut blouse at a regional meeting dinner 5 or so years ago?

We'll. It turns out G has the keys to the family memory bank. She nailed it. This same Apprentice candidate that got canned last night evidently didn't cut it as an IR either. Her and G were in the same region.

It's a small world.
Last night I was up late-and just channel surfing. I happened to catch the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice. I like Martha. Forgetting about the felon thing-I think she has worked hard to create a great company. This will be gooood. The candidates have created their own teams. They grouped each other into the "Creatives" vs "Corporates". I would predict that the latter will have someone prevail. The Creatives don't posess much crossover to the rational business side. There was much more crossover balance on the Corporate-types. Like everything else, it is good to be balanced. Of course I usually know this in theory.

This also reminds me of the final "Reality" show I like. Big Break on the Golf Channel. A few seasons ago, I tried to root for a specific guy, Don. He had talent and the drive, but he was one-dimensional. In his lifelong quest to get on the tour, this show was his last gasp to "make it" as a golfer. After he was eliminated he didn't know what to do with himself. The very thought of elimination didn't cross his mind and he was putting all his eggs in this basket. It was even too obsessive even for me (who has been known to obsess about a thing or 2. ie: skiing, CO, WWII, Recees PB Cups).

One reality show I would watch--The Slick WIlly Show. I would love to see Bill Clinton have his own show. Keep in mind I would not vote for him, but I'd still like to meet him. For whatever reason he interests me. When I see him on TV, I tend to analyze him like I'm some sort of amateur counselor.

Did I tell you that we like Survivor Guatemala?

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Kelli said...

You're getting a baby! I'm very excited for you. I'm getting a baby too, only mine is currently still baking in utero. He's due out mid November. I saw Darrel the other night at our cousins wedding and he told me of your blog, so tonight I'm checking it out. Tell Geri congrats for me. Benny is lucky for sure!
I like Survivor Guatemala, but missed the second episode. I think my brother has it recorded, so maybe I can catch up. I'm also watching all the seasons I missed the first time around on OLN TV. So good to read about what you are up to. Miss you - mean it.