Thursday, September 29, 2005

Last night was a positive reinforcer on why I like to teach kids. Having such a range of ages is a hurdle that I step through each week. The kids are between 3-6th grade. Some are mature for their age. Some are definitely not. When I "signed up" to teach the class, there was no cirriculum or direction. We pretty much fly by the seat of our pants. Once the lesson is done-we go to Bible Hangman.

I hope those days are behind us in that class. Last night I decided to go through Heb 11 for the next month or so. When we talked about Cain and Abel, the kids eyes lit up. They knew the story but I wanted them to go deeper to explore the attitudes of those brothers. Both to each other, and to God. Before we knew it, the hour flew. It is a great feeling to look in their eyes and listen to their questions/comments, knowing their brains are engaged and learning. Hey, at least no Titanic stories this week. We'll I did field a few questions on the exploration of the Antarctic. Go figure.

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