Tuesday, September 13, 2005

You know you are old when...

Last night we went to a food bank fundraiser that featured the STL Rams. Not that I was feeling old, but I did have a few observations. My mission was to get autographs for Benny's football. Geri's mission was to sample all of the food displays. Missions accomplished.

1. The Ram's Cheerleaders looked like they should have been at home studying Intermediate Algebra.
2. Some things never change. I got a kick observing all the old men and the kids in the room panting to get their cheerleader autographed pictures. Having the hottest date at the function, I wasn't interested.
3. The football players looked like kids. Geri wears a Teens Take America shirt as old as some of these players.
4. As we were standing in a long line to get a particular autograph, we had to ask a little kid who the player was. Incidentally it was Steven Jackson. I'm sure we were considered wierd for not knowing who he was.

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Fred said...

One time in Cleveland, where we went to see Bruce, Leslie and I bumped into a kid outside the hotel who was watching a guy get into a limo. I asked who he was, and he looked at me like I was a dufus. It was Reuben Sierra, who was then playing for the Texas Rangers.