Sunday, September 25, 2005

Quite awhile back I got the idea to start this blog for a few reasons. At first glance I was reading some incredible things that others had to say in own personal blog. I realized it was a very good venue to hack out a few sentences that are rambling around my brain. Second, it is a good way to keep folks informed of what is going on with our lives, since never seem to live in places with family that we can visit on a regular basis. Knowing this, I realize this is a public forum-so on many things I write sparingly to keep personal things personal. This being said it seems my neice is finding the same travails of the blogging world on her own site. Hopefully that won't continue to happen. What can I say-the internet driven world is a crazy place. Don't you agree?

I am feeling a need to reveal a bit of myself through some of my thoughts about family/faith/beliefs/annoyances/joys... In order to stay away from arguments, I used to avoid bringing these thoughts up. This probably reveals a long-standing fact. I do not like confrontation. I'll post a few things here and there, as I have time.

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