Friday, September 30, 2005

Last weekend we saw The Constant Gardner. Our goal was to see a mindless movie that was upbeat. G was stressed out and needed a lift. This was an excellent movie that touched on the plight of many Africans. It was not upbeat and mindless, but very thought provoking. If you see this movie and don't feel a need to do something compassionate for the less fortunate, what a shame.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight is the Christian Family Services annual dinner. I am looking forward to hearing the guest speaker. He was adopted through CFS and has managed to create an interesting career in the Christian music scene. Evidently he is funny. Tomorrow I am taking Avion to a youth group activity. He is a special kid. He lives with his mom in the city-he has a great heart-makes good grades, and is quick with a smile. He just needs a good male role model in his life. We have taken him under our wing, and it is a tremendous blessing.

Some people get in a huff thinking about the concept of "It takes a village to raise a family". (Probably because of Hillary) Don't get me wrong, nothing substitutes "Family", but this principle is surely Christian based. I know of a study stating that it takes 5 men to provide a significant and positive impact on a boys life. I am glad to step into those shoes for Avion, and I will also make sure there are good men in Benny's life to impact him. One thing I am looking forward to is giving him something like a Bar Mitzvah with a twist. A friend in CO took his sons camping in the mountains when they reached a certain age. They sat around a campfire where the dad read letters from other men-addressed to his son. These men wrote to that particular son about their hopes for him, faith, responsibility, honor, making good Christ-based decisions...among other things. When they came down from the mountain, it was understood that dad and mom would treat them in a different way. They were instilling a higher level of accountability. I have a few years before I'll do this with Benny, but I look forward to the day.

Getting back to movies. If we have time this weekend, I want to see "The Greatest Game Ever Played". Generally golf movies stink. They are nauseatingly nostalgic and dorky. This is based on a true story. I saw an interview by the director, who wanted to portray competitive golfers as they really are. They are more akin to gunslingers with a great talent to hit a ball. You don't produce results, you don't eat. I don't know how it ends, but I'm looking forward to finding out. Plus I like Shia LeBeouf. Ever since "Holes" he has been one to watch in my book.

All this talk makes me pine for my favorite course-Boiling Springs. Carved out of the brush country outside of Woodward, this offers beautiful scenery and elevated tees on a few holes. I miss playing out there with Bennys Uncle. Hopefully we can book a tee time one of these days.


Fred said...

Boiling Springs is my favorite playable courses too. I say playable because I have to exclude other courses that I've played where you had to be lucky to play (Pebble Beach, Oak Tree, Karsten Creek). Next time we go to Woodward, we need to play Eek.

Christopher said...

Hey this is Nichole's Chris just so your not confused about who this is. I read the last part of your blog about how golf movies are usually Blah...summed up from what you said of coarse. Just thought I would give you a few incase you hadnt seen them. I thought that they were good at least....Tin Cup, The Legend of Bagger Vance, and of course, Happy Gilemore. Anyway, besides movies, just thought that I would let you know that Benny....he is a CUTIE! Cant wait till you guys get him. I know that you will be great parents. Take care!