Monday, January 09, 2006

Here's a glimpse of our ever improving kid-friendly basement. I hope we will have a home that Benny's (and his future siblings) buddies will want to hang out at-and not just when we come home with groceries.

When G and her friends were growing up, they were always doing something with the youth group during the weekends, or after the HS football games. Her parents and friends' parents tried to provide a place that was full of good influence. This is our goal. I am looking forward to hosting youth group stuff, taking our kids on trips, and helping them choose to go down a good path.

As I write this, Benny is screaming his lungs out. We just put him to bed (actually in his crib). He is tiiired, but doesn't want to sleep. This is just like clockwork. He is like his Daddy-fighting every urge to slip into slumber. I'll wager that we (that means Me) will check on him at 12 and 2 am as well. Hopefully this doesn't last too many nights. No complaints though-we waited too many years just to be able to hear a baby cry in our home. Every day we marvel at how much we love our little bambino. Each successive day heaps more attachment and love in our hearts. If you have kids you understand. What I know is this: I'll slumber off to sleep tonight with a prayer of thanksgiving. We are really blessed as a family. Plus we have a really cool floor in the basement!


bradfordlstevens said...

Making the church the focal point of Benny's peer group is what it is all about. Opening your home to others is part of the process that God uses to make us bear fruit. What a neat floor! Benny's friends are going to love playing on that!

Conni H. said...

I'll just simpy say this: God has blessed a special little boy named Benny with two wonderful parents.

You are doing a fabulous job.

Blessings and Prayers for you.