Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hows this for a goofy picture.

Here are my predictions for this weekends games:

Denver over Pittsburgh. Mile High Thunder pounds over the Steel City. Shades of 1997. My beloved Broncos will find a way to overcome the vaunted Steeler rushing defense. I am seeing Plummer getting some good breaks with the bootleg. Rod Smith will shine and Ashley Lelie will have a few key catches. Ultimately this will be a kickers game. I'll take Elam any day. Broncos by 6.

Carolina over Seattle. Who cares.


Jason Harbison said...

Well Eric I do have to agree that Denver will win over Pittsburgh! I see it has a running game though. And Pittsburgh will try to biltz and rattle Jake "the snake" Plummer. However, has he has done all year he will remain clam, cool and collected.

How can you not care about Seattle vs Carolina? However, Seattle will find a way to contain, Smith and the will run the ball, with MVP Shaun Alexander, which will open the passing game.

EBC said...

It looks like we have a prognosticator in our midst. You go!

Jason Harbison said...

I really want to be a NFL football anouncer when I grow up...or a prognosticator!