Saturday, January 21, 2006

Never. I repeat, never. Never go off the scripted list of questions. While we were talking to the roomfull of prospective adoptive parents at the Lutheran Church in Creve Coeur, I could sense another of my ramblings beginning to form in my mouth. How can I not speak from the heart about when the process to get Benny. I do alright when we are clinically describing the process..."Well, the paperwork was daunting at first, but we organized our files and broke it down to make it manageable".

When I write, sing, or speak from my heart I process mental pictures that are very colorful in my head. No, not like Timothy Leary, but full of detail nonetheless. I was explaining the moment we first held Benny, when my mind reset to the picture of G crying beautifully with her baby boy finally in her arms. Suddenly it was if Brittney Spears was singing over my shoulder.."Oops, I did it again"...the lump in my throat swelled, and my vocal cords shut down. I couldn't talk. All I wanted to do was just pour out my happiness, and all these people were just looking. Saved by the lunch break, where I had my first pizza since our New Years Eve pizza food poisoning episode. Mmmm. Nothing like throwinng up mushrooms while ringing in the New Years. Anyways, we made it through the talk. I even volunteered to do it again in May. I love this stuff.

Here is a pic of our future Spud Webb slamming the rock. Benny just might be the first 25th height percentile Guatemalan in the NBA. By the way, I did not teach him the creative finger signage. One day I'll teach him that hanging on the rim is a "T". His Daddy never really had to worry about that particular rule though.

DENVER STILL BY 6 to keep the perfect homefield season going. Pittsburgh will lament the day they try to blitz us into making mistakes in Denver. I have a feeling the Broncos will be telling the world a'la Brittney..."Oops, we did it again" in a few weeks with their next Super Bowl ring. It's just a feeling though. I have to have some joy in my thinking, as I am getting ready to settle in for a long night working on tax stuff.

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poor poor Broncs.