Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It's halftime. Texas is up by 6 over USC. I hope they win out. Being an OU fan, I'm rather uneasy about rooting for Texas. It's not that I dislike the state. Heck, 1/2 of my gene pool originates from there (even though Brownsville is probably more Mex than Tex). I just think it's the Longhorn's time to shine in the SoCal sun. USC got all the good press for the past several weeks, and like usual the Big 12 hardly gets the "love". The prognosticators (big word for bumbling televised goofballs) seem to have pegged this a high-scoring affair. I seriously doubted that from the get-go. I foresee the rest of the game being defined by some big runs, great passes, stupid turnovers...not a bunch of scoring. Then again what do I know...I'm a bumbling blog goofball. Nonetheless, let Texas have their glory this year. Next year the Sooners will start their road to dominance in college football again (reference the bumbling blog goofball), and all will be right in the world. For those interested: The Sooners are 3-0 when Benny is watching. He is also perfect when watching the Broncos. He will be watching Shanahan win another Super Bowl this year (I know..bumbling blog goofball).

Happy birthday Dad!

By the way...any guesses to what this mystery picture is?


Nichole said...

It looks like a blurred picture of skin!

laura said...

how about the skin beneath mother's eye.