Thursday, January 26, 2006

My family ran a carpet store growing up. I always liked going there just to explore. Behind the counter we had various pamphlets of CO. One vacation guide had a picture of a woman that bore a spittin' image of Dad's grandma (according to him), different magazines like MO Conservationist, Maps of good camping areas, Old Ad's from the Moonlight Madness Sale and the Sidewalk Sale, and Newspaper clippings. My favorite newspaper clipping was titled "Applebutter Makin' Days" or something to that effect. It had a picture of Grandma, and talked about her family-famous apple butter. I miss her, but there are certain legacies around to remind me of her.

During Christmas we were fortunate enough to get a batch of "Grandma's Apple Butter". 3 words: MMM, MMM, GOOD. This is the gift that keeps on giving (at least for another week or so). Some things I never tire from: Reminiscing about exploring the volumes of behind-the-counter stuff at Towne & Country Carpet, chowing on Grandma's Apple Butter, and munching on Grandma's Sugar Cookies. Maybe I better get on the stick and mix up a batch of cookie dough for the freezer. Just for old time's sake.


Conni H. said...

I'll be looking for a sample on Sunday.

Aren't grandmas the best?

Jason Harbison said...

me too! But I may need more than a sample

Conni H. said...

hey...i just didn't bring us samples! I am so disappointed, but will be at the building everyday from 9-3 if you'd like to bring some by!

: )